About the congress in Lima

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this communication. We will be giving you important information about our organization, our upcoming International Congress, and how you can be involved in development and support of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Healing around the globe!
If you know of a friend or colleague who would also benefit from any part of this message, please feel free to forward it to them. It just might make a difference in the world and for someone you care about.
We will appreciate it!
Fifth Congress of Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies
Quantum Vision of the Human Being: Body, Mind, and Soul 

November 2011 – Lima, Peru
The Fifth Congress of Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies presents academic, scientific and cultural activities that are considered to be the most important throughout the entire country in the field of integrative and complementary medicine. Nine years ago Weiner University developed a forum for the exchange of ideas, professional networking, scientific research, and therapeutic protocols for the attention, care and maintenance of the integral health of the human being. 
This event is being promoted by the directors of the University Extention of Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies and the faculty of Health Sciences from Wiener University, together with the Institute of Human Development and Communication with a goal of exploring and achieving the integration of allopatic medicine with natural medicine and alternative therapies.
This event will be presenting the best professionals from around the country and abroad  who are linked to the health and human sciences, with the goal of sharing integrative and therapeutic proposals within a holistic paradigm of health.
Previous congresses have served to build and strengthen ties among institutions and organziations among all the social, academic, and professional fields involved in health care, motivating participants from around the world. This organizational committee continues to support and further these important ambitions. 
In this globalized world, the most important subjects related to health are:
  • moving forward with the advancement of science and the development of new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, natural products, bioecology, functional food, human development, new treatments for chronic illness or degenerative diseases, human genome, and more. 
  • Themes and knowledge that are modifying the perception of meaning of health within the social, human and medical sciences.

The integration of western and eastern cultures is showing a new face in all the continents. The acceptance of words and concepts like soul or energy is evolving and attention is increasingly being placed in the study of these aspects of health in the academic field in our university, our country and our world.

Norbert Wiener University, through the direction of the University Extention, the faculty of Health Sciences, and the Institute of Human Development and Communication are proud to invite you to this Fifth International Congress on Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies to be held in the city of Lima on November 10th through the 12th, 2011,  furthering the promotion and development of knowledge regarding this important approach to the field of health.


About drhernani

I am a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist involved in Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies. I did live in India many years and can speak hindi and urdu. Would like to have friends from all over the world with the same goals.

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